Exhaust system specialists

Our company works from our beginning manufacturing exhaust systems and silencers. Any vehicle that has a combustion engine needs an exhaust system and we have manufactured components for many kinds of vehicles and machines of various types. Our team combined experience adds more than 100 years, so if you have a project in which you need experts in this area, you are in the right place.

More than 40 years of experience

Silenciosos Asteasu began its journey more than 40 years ago, manufacturing components of exhaust pipes for automobiles.

Exhaust pipes are manufactured for all relevant automotive manufacturers in Europe.

During this time the company focused on large production series, always with maximum quality, punctuality in delivery and adjusted costs.

Silencers for industrial and agricultural machinery

The last 15 years we have been focused on production of silencers for the agricultural sector, working for large multinationals in the spare sector, as well as large machinery manufacturers.

In this phase, our production series are shorter, manufacturing a product of the highest quality.


Nuevas soluciones

Nowadays, Silenciosos Asteasu continues helping manufacturers around the world to find solutions for their exhaust systems, incorporating the latest technologies and the most robust materials.

Our engineering department can take care of projects from the concept phase, but we can also address projects where reverse engineering is required.